Customer service charter

Our customer service charter lays down the standard of services you are expected to get when you walk into BK General Insurance offices and its different working function units.

  • We value our obligation to our customers to provide the highest quality service in a prompt professional and courteous manner at all times.
  • Every customer should be received upon arriving at the reception, and directed to the appropriate service depending on their need.
  • Every client will be greeted courteously and politely.
  • Clients must be treated with respect at all times.
  • Customers are communicated to in the official language they understand.
  • Claims will be settled immediately after all the required documents have been provided.
  • Standard claims will be settled immediately after all the required documents have been provided.
  • Living all BKGI values at all times by each and every staff of BKGI.
  • Friendly service is our passion, you can expect a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable service from all our staff.
  • Every facility is clearly identified by a sign post at the entrance.
  • Clients are directed to different services within the facility by clear orientation signs/person
  • Every client is greeted courteously and politely (you can't imagine the importance of a smile)
  • Our Clients are treated with respect at all times
  • Customers are communicated to in a language they understand, and in the case of a language barrier seek an interpreter
  • The responsibility for orientation to the reception area lies with the entrance keepers (guards), who are the first contact at the entrance.
  • Reception areas must be positioned in front of the facility for easy access.
  • Reception areas must provide seating and shelter from rain, wind, and sun and a feel of comfort while waiting to be attended too.
  • Every customer should be received immediately upon arriving at the reception, and directed to the appropriate service depending on their need.
  • All BKGI staff represent the company values and ethics within the work proximity and face of the organization outside.

At BK General Insurance, our Vision is to be the leading provider of the most innovative insurance solutions while our mission is to be the leader in creating value for our stakeholders by providing the best insurance services to businesses and individual customers, through motivated and professional staff.

Our services are founded on the core values of Customer Focus, Integrity, Quality and Excellence.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a leading provider of innovative, high quality insurance services.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide innovative, high-quality insurance services that add value to shareholders’ investments through technology enhanced products and motivated professional staff.

Our Goals

As stated in our Vision, Our goal is to exceed customer expectations. In providing insurance services, BK General Insurance has put in place strategies to become a customer-centric company.

Our core Values

Customer focus

The philosophy of BK insurance is being customer focussed and desirous of exceeding customer expectations all times. We will strive to deliver quality services to enable our clients to achieve their personal and business goals.

Team work

We appreciate and reward both individual and team achievements. We relate freely with colleagues across organizational boundaries. Our team spirit is excellent and worthy of emulation.


We ensure that the confidence reposed in us by our clients and other stakeholders will never be undermined and are continuously striving to fulfil our obligations to them.


BK insurance believes that creativity is the driving force which keeps it growing and which is most vital to our customers.

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