Motor Insurance
Cover request process

  • Requests for motor insurance cover can be submitted to all Bank of Kigali branch offices around the Country. You can use the nearest BK branch office to submit your cover request.
  • Premiums can be deposited at BK General Insurance account 0069248232 in the Bank of Kigali
  • Plans to enable our clients to pay premiums using their mobile phones are in final stage
  • Cover request with required information is processed within one day
In order to process the request cover, the information including Log book, value of the vehicle, presence of the vehicle are required.
Under Motor Insurance, the following covers are provided
  • Third Party: Covers third party bodily injury and property damage arising out of a vehicle accident.
  • Comprehensive: Covers third party liability and own property damage to the vehicle i.e., damage arising out of fire, theft and accidental damage to the vehicle

Motor Insurance Claim

Claim processing process

Claims can be lodged in all Bank of Kigali branches. You can use the nearest BK branch office to lodge your claim. A claim with all required documentation is settled within one day and Plans to enable clients to declare their claims via their mobile phones are in final stage.

Information Required

For a claim to be processed, the following information is required: filled declaration form, BK General insurance certificate, driving license, log book, police report estimated damage estimates and finaly, the victim medical certificates (in case of injuries)

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