Accident Insurance

Cover request process

  • Individual Personal Accident (PA): covers personal injury, disability (temporary or permanent) or death.

  • Group Personal Accident (GPA): covers company employees in the event of injuries, disability or death caused solely by accidental, external and visible events

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance (WC): covers the policyholder, should their employees incur injuries or die in the course of their work.
For insurance cover to be processed, the following information is required: Filled Proposal form
Under Accident Insurance, the following are covered
  • Personal Accident Insurance: Covers accidental death and disability
  • Group personal accident insurance: Provides insurance cover to a group of people. Mainly offered to company employees

Accident Insurance Claim

Claim processing process

Claims can be lodged in all BK branches. You can use the nearest BK branch office to lodge your claim. A claim with all required documentation is settled within 3 working days after the date of receipt of the claim. Complicated cases may take a maximum of seven days. On line services are being developed to facilitate our clients to make claim declarations on line

Information Required

For a claim to be processed, the following information is required: Notification letter, insurance policy, police report and estimated value of the damages,

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